Rhys A. Mossom Network Security Services.

Rhys A. Mossom Network Security Services is based in the Johannesburg area, South Africa delivering international services, specializing in ethical hacking, penetration testing (pentesting), web-application testing, vulnerability assessments, and information-security compliance assessments - Quality for Affordability!

Rhys A. Mossom Network Security Services encompasses a broad range of security-testing  methods known as Ethical Hacking. It is the practice of assessing the security posture of a given security system, using the same tools and techniques employed by blackhat-hackers on a daily basis. These techniques can be performed against system Operating Systems, services, software and website-applications. There are a number of ways to achieve various results, according to your business needs.
The benefits of a comprehensive analysis can range from reducing the likely hood of downtime and financial or other business implications and damage to electronic assets.

Rhys A. Mossom Network Security Services strives to offer high quality products at competitive prices.

According to the currently available statistics at the time of writing, the document "Net Losses: Estimating the Global Cost of Cybercrime Economic impact of cybercrime II Center for Strategic and international Studies - June 2014" by the renowned global Security company, McAffee, estimates that 0.14% of South Africa’s GPD is lost through cyber-crime. This equates to just less than five (R4.91 Billion) Billion Rand that is misappropriated. Additionally South Africa ranks number six amongst the most targeted counties for cyber-crime globally by the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), whilst another renowned security company, Symantec, listed South Africa as the third worst hit country globablly by cyber-crime.

Penetration test or Pentest

A penetration test is an authorized, active assessment of a system or network by emulating the position of a malicious source.

Vulnerability assessment

A vulnerability assessment is a formal description and evaluation of vulnerabilities in a system or network. No active exploitation takes place in a vulnerability assessment.


A vulnerability is a weakness that is present in an information-system, security-policies and procedures or internal controls that could be targeted and triggered by a malicious source.


An exploit is a piece of code or sequence of commands that initiates unintended behavior in a targeted system.

Black-Hat hacker

A black-hat hacker is a hacker who performs attacks without prior consent. This can be for malicious purposes.

White-Hat Hacker or Ethical Hacker

A white hat hacker or Ethical hacker is a hacker who performs activities that are normally deemed illegal – but with client consent. The same methods, techniques and tools are used as a black-hat hacker but with prior customer consent.

Upcoming Events

Mobile Security Summit 2016.

Johannesburg, South Africa - Indaba Hotel

11th and 12 May 2016

RAM Network Security Services will be presenting a talk at the Mobile Security Summit 2016.

The two day event will take place at Indaba Hotel in Johannesburg on 11 &
12 May 2016.
The programme will cover a range of current topics which are pertinent to
mobile security. The content includes subject matter on the rise of mobile
malware, creating secure mobile usage policies, ensuring safe mobile
payments, biometric integration, data analytics and the impact mobile has
upon organisations.
Modern organisations need to be up to date and creative towards their
security approach due to the broad nature of evolving threats in the mobile
realm. The expert speaker panel will share their wealth of experience in
mobile security by discussing the latest innovations in keeping the mobile
channel secure.
The event will bring professionals from across the mobile sphere together.
The content from the programme topics is beneficial to banks, IT firms,
security solutions, telecommunication companies, service providers and
software developers.
For more information contact Project Manager, Jesse de Bruyn

Topics to be addressed
• Securing end to end experiences in a mobile-first cloud-first world
• Mobile security threats
• Establishing solutions to counteract evolving mobile threats
• Understanding risk and threats as they apply to mobile application security
• From where to where?
• Radio frequency signals: sniffing, jamming and exploitation
• Closing the mobile security gap
• Growing mobile security within the organisation
• The dark web and cyber-crime mechanics
• Mobile malware terror
• Integration of data and biometrics to keep the mobile channel secure

Rhys A. Mossom Mobile Security Summit 2016

Rhys A. Mossom Mobile Security Summit 2016

Rhys A. Mossom Mobile Security Summit 2016

Rhys A. Mossom Mobile Security Summit 2016

Rhys A. Mossom Mobile Security Summit 2016

Rhys A. Mossom Mobile Security Summit 2016

Rhys A. Mossom Mobile Security Summit 2016


A brochure for the event is available for download: